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Render to Email

7 - Meteor

Good Morning,


What would be the best way to setup an email function to send the render attachment but not until after the workflow runs so the render is updated?




11 - Bolide

Hi @codyfink 


If you are looking to render a pdf or something and insert that into the email then you can likely use the block until done tool to first generate the PDF, then generate a file path for it in a row that can be used in the email tool to identify the path to the attachment. 


Block Until Done Tool


You could also just generate the report in Alteryx and feed that row into the email too. Is there a specific reason you want to first render the report? Reach out if you have issues and best of luck

17 - Castor

The email tool is always the last tool to run in the workflow, so any rendering should be complete before the email sends. 

7 - Meteor

This worked thank you!

7 - Meteor

7- Metor, I'm trying to do the same, send a PDF after render.   Could you please post your blocking and e-mail configuration solution?