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One of my tabs won't append to my excel output

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I have a workflow that has 3 outputs that I want to all be in the same excel doc on separate tabs. I thought it was working before but now it's not. Here is part of my workflow:


The top 2 outputs flow into the same excel doc on separate tabs but the 3rd one will not. Here are the settings in the output. The file I am writing to is the same for all 3 but each with a different tab name 1st: (C:\Users\williamsonc\Desktop\Alteryx Workflows\AR Collection\Output\AR Cash Collected v3.xlsx|||Totals by Collector) 2nd: (C:\Users\williamsonc\Desktop\Alteryx Workflows\AR Collection\Output\AR Cash Collected v3.xlsx|||Totals by Date) 3rd: (C:\Users\williamsonc\Desktop\Alteryx Workflows\AR Collection\Output\AR Cash Collected v3.xlsx|||By Quarter). The first and the third output data configurations look like this:






Why will 2 of them make it and not the 3rd? As always, thank you in advance Community!

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@CherieACI  - Try and add the Stop Until here. I tested it and it works.  


Couple things I noticed too. In the configuration for the Writing to the Excel file you have "Overwrite File" Change that to Overwrite Sheet






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Adding the block until done and changing the configuration to "overwrite sheet" fixed it! Thanks so much! 

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Moving the Block Until Done to earlier in the flow was the key to making this work.


1. Change the Excel filename / Sheet Name in the Output Data tool to same filename ||| unique sheet names:  Result.xlsx|||Sheet1, Result.xlsx|||Sheet2, Result.xlsx|||Sheet3

2. Use a formula tool in each workflow to build a unique report name variable for each flow.

3. First Excel Output Tool: Output Options: Overwrite Filename (Remove), then Change Entire File Path to report name ||| unique sheet.

4. Subsequent sheets: Output Options: Create New Sheet, then Change Entire File Path to report name ||| unique sheet.