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Need Help with some formulas

7 - Meteor

I am trying to make a workflow that identifies some criteria and then marks the row with the correct flag.


The field is HIC Number (for anyone who knows what a HIC Number is, these are not real HIC numbers. I made everything up)


I am trying to identify HIC numbers that are 11 characters in length, and have a mixture of letters and numbers.

Values in this column that are 11 characters in length, and are made solely of numbers need to be flagged as "Yes" in the Research column

Anything that is not 11 characters in length is a "Yes"


I was trying to take the length and then run an ISInteger formula, but it is not working. I am not sure where in my workflow the errors are coming from. I think it would work better if I could format the HIC Number field as double, but that ruins the data in the field when I try that.





20 - Arcturus

@WishIKnewHowToCode Updated workflow attached



7 - Meteor

@nagakavyasri Thank you. Did I just have my 0 and -1 switched up for the ISinteger field?

12 - Quasar

Made slight change to the formula.

7 - Meteor

Thanks @nagakavyasri @binuacs 

Binuacs unfortunately I don't understand RegEx very well, but clearly it worked. So I marked that as a solution as well.

I just tested nagakavyasri's update with my actual data and it performs perfectly. Thank you both!