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Inputting Date Range for Data Filter

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Hi there. Looking to see if I can get some help with the following (thanks in advance):


I have a dataset where one of the fields is just various, random dates. I want to be able to select a start date and an end date in a tool (maybe a text input tool), where I can then have the dataset filtered to only output the rows where my date field fits within the date range I input. Any ideas for this? Let me know if further clarification is needed. 


@sgazar , sounds like a great use case for an analytical app. You can parameterize a filter tool to allow users to select a start and end date. The data will be dynamically filtered based on whatever dates the user enters. Here are some videos on how to create an app. 

@sgazar , here is an example of what that might look like. When open in Designer, click the wand next to the Run button to run the workflow as an analytical app