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How to get a mosaic zip4 with zip code as input?

6 - Meteoroid

Given a list of addresses, the ConsumerView matching tool will return - among other things - a mosaic type and a mosaic zip4, i.e. the most common mosaic type within the zip +4 area.

If an address is not matched, the record is simply dropped with no explanation. I would prefer that it be labeled as unmatched, but of course that is easy to do with a formula tool. 

How can I get the mosaic zip4 with only zip +4 as input?

How can I get the most common mosaic type with only zip code as input?


unmatched address.png

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Jnascensus 


The data download for the ComsumerView data includes lots of great supporting files and documentation that I think will help here. If you open the ComsumerView tools, you'll see that after it makes a lot of preparations and standardization to the inputs (like CASS), it will ultimately use a Calgary Join tool to return the final results. However, you can skip all the addition functionality and go to the Calgary file yourself, which is found in the supporting files directory. I've got the 2021 Q3 vintage installed right now, so my path looks something like this:



You can drop this (very large) Calgary file into Designer and use the raw data to perform the data summarizations you're interested in with just a Calgary Input tool and a Summarize tool or two. I hope this helps! Let us know how it goes. 

6 - Meteoroid

Hi @CharlieS 


Thanks for this tip. I can get all mosaics associated with a given zip code, but I will have to determine the most common one myself.