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Getting data from SOAP API-- need to pass dynamic parameters

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Hello there,

I'm trying to connect to a SOAP API to generate reports and get the data. It requires to send a SOAP envelope in the payload tab of the download tool.

I'm able to connect to it and get the session token but in the SOAP envelope, I need to pass criteria values like start end and end date for the data to be generated. I want to pass the start date and end date in the text input and use those values in the download tool, can anyone help me in this one please.

Also, I need to use the session token for my next calls, I do not know how to use the token in the subsequent calls dynamically.PFA my workflow





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If you need to generate a request to get a token, then need to save it to form subsequent requests, you might want to consider building a macro around your download tool request. That can give you the flexibility, when you add something like a detour tool, to save the token from the initial request to a temporary file (ex. yxdb) but then on additional requests add that token into the request header.


You can look at examples of existing connector macros to get an idea of how this works- ex. check out the publish to tableau, or adobe analytics macros.

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Hi Jason,

Can you please tell me if I can pass the start date and end date from the text input tool rather than passing it in the soap envelope?

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The SOAP call is expecting those values in the XML payload. That is the only place you can put them. If you create a calculated field that has all of the text of the XML request payload, then you can inject your dates in that and use the field as the payload rather than the static payload you have shown above. Regarding the session token, presumably that will come in the web service response should be able to tease it out of that and then use it as the webservice is expecting (i.e. in the header or in the payload or both).

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HI Walder,

Thank you for the suggestion, I have created a soap column in the text input and for the tags where I need to pass dynamic values. I used replace function in the formula tool to update the tags along with the parameterized value and used the updated soap column in the payload tab of the download tool and it worked. 



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Hi, I was wondering if you could share the dynamic part of the workflow. Thanks!

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If you share work flow, it wil be helpful for us.

Kindly share it here or on