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Formula for valid building if then statement

7 - Meteor

I am unable to get the valid building rooms with the Contain statement. I am looking for 48A,48B,48C,48U,77,87,87B,98A,98B is valid else invalid type statement.


Contains([OS: Building],48A,48B,48C,48U,77,87,87B,98A,98B)

19 - Altair

those are strings. try:

if [Building] in ("48A","48B","48C","48U","77","87","87B","98A","98B") then "valid" else "invalid" endif


In  your case the full logic is probably

formula tool - new column Valid

if [Building] in ("48A","48B","48C","48U","77","87","87B","98A","98B") then "valid" else "invalid" endif


Contains is also 1 argument compared to 1 argument. In - looks at a full list.


13 - Pulsar

Here is a slightly different approach.  This uses an input table and a join to filter the valid buildings, etc.  @apathetichell 's approach is simpler and spot-on.  The approach depicted here might be useful if you expect the list to change or significantly expand. 


Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 6.50.46 PM.png