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Email Formatting

6 - Meteoroid

I am looking for help understanding how to apply email formatting using the Email tool (not the event). I have tried looking around, and I found this: Honestly not very helpful. Specifically, I would be happy if I could even get new lines (carraige return) to work via email... but color, front, html et al. would be very cool.

I have a data set that contains all the info needed for the email message as the input. I use a formual tool to create the body of the message in a single field. When I view that body field in an Alteryx browse tool, it looks exactly like what I need... but when I use that cell as the body in the email tool, the email I get in my inbox does not hold any formatting including the new lines.

Again, any help in formatting using the Alteryx Email Tool (not event) would be a big help.

Resolution Update:
Apply an email tool after the last layout tool in the sample "File > Open Sample > Presentation Sample > Basic Table and Chart" and email it to yourself. This will demonstrate how formatting can be applied when using the email tool in Alteryx.

10 - Fireball
Hi Adrian,

Have you tried using the reporting tools and setting the layout? As a sample to see what it can do, open up the sample at "File > Open Sample > Presentation Sample > Basic Table and Chart". (Under help for v10 onwards). 

Put an email tool after the last layout tool and choose layout for the body, send this email to yourself and see what it looks like.... that should give an idea of the process.

6 - Meteoroid

Dear Kane,

Thank you! A very easy illistration of how to make it work. I haven't applied it to my project yet, but the test you recommended allowed the colors, formatting and even a picture to show up correctly in the email... so it is going to work.

Thank you again,


7 - Meteor



I'm using the table tool and the layout tool to group multiple records and send as a single e-mail. However, I have multiple headers for each row in the e-mail. How can I keep a single header instead?





7 - Meteor

Nisarg - can you share the settings on your Table and Layout tools? Are you flagging anything to "Group By" at the top?

7 - Meteor

Yes, I was grouping it. Solved.


Thank you.