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Batch Macro Help

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Hey all,


I have a workflow where I pull in multiple xlsx with multiple sheets and schemas through a batch macro, and union the results once they're standardized. 


I then want to 'validate' this data with various tools in a workflow, but i want to do it for each set of data that has come in - so basically feeding it back into a batch macro and then joining it back after again. Sort of moving the data through stages.


I'm not sure how to pass it back into a batch macro in a way that splits it - I have added a field with the fullpath to keep it grouped, or am also able to add record IDs/Groups for each sheet. 


Any thoughts - hopefully this makes sense. 



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22 - Nova

Hi @MFish 


Why not give iterative macro a try it's more flexible.

If you want to repass the data again till it meets the condition


Hope this helps 🙂