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Batch Macro - File Must be Specified

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I'm looking to pull the same tab from many .xlsb files from a same directory, perform the same cleansing steps on the data from each file and combined all of the cleansed data.  Batch Macros seem like they should be able to handle this, but when I try to run my workflow, which has a directory tool feeding a fullpath into a batch macro, I receive a 'File Must be Specified' error.  My Macro consists of an input, update value with the file name selected, and input data tool, and then my data cleansing steps that apply to each file, before a final output tool.  Any guidance on what may be causing this issue?




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@JeremyN Do you have a sample workflow, macro and file that you can share? It would help take a look at this issue.


Hi @JeremyN ,

A batch macro can certainly handle your use case. Another option that might work that does not require a batch macro is the Dynamic Input tool .  As long as each of the sheets have the same schema the Dynamic Input tool should do the trick allowing you to make all the edits at once. I have attached an example workflow (2018.4) that shows how this can be done.  Hope this helps!

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It's actually kind of hard to share this file while providing sample data, but I was able to resolve the issue. 


One simple thing that was throwing me off when working with macros is that you may update the macro, but if you try to run a workflow referencing the macro before you save your updates, the workflow won't see them.  Remember to save your macro before running another workflow that references it!