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Analytic App Output File

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I've just recently started using Analytic Apps and I've to say I love them, but I've encountered a little problem.


I've an analytic app that executes a macro X times depending on the number of imputs selected, the macro then runs the logic and writes a yxdb file for each imput, all runs smothly but I would want the files written by the macro to appear as outputs when I run the analytic app:




I can always look at the log and open the files I want to review, but it would be awesome if I've that files available as the analytic app outputs.


Analytic app:






Miguel Alonso.


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20 - Arcturus

Try to go to Interface Deisgner and select the one you want as output.



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Hello Qiu,


I thought on that, and I selected it with no luck, because the files are being written inside the macro, and the macro does not generate any output flow additional to the file being written.




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Can you move the output tool to the main workflow (not inside of the macro)? As long as there is a field in there that will denote which file to write to, you can still generate multiple reports. You would select the take file name from field option at the bottom. Select the field that will denote each file to be generated. You can choose whether or not to include the field in the output as well.


Hope this helps!




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16 - Nebula

Inside your macro, add a formula tool or something that writes the file path. Have it go to a macro output.  Your macro icon within your app will then have an outgoing node.  Connect a browse to that output node and it will union all the file paths and display them to you when you run the app.  Or, output them to a YXDB or XLSX or whatever you like.

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Hi echuong1!


The problem is that not all files have the same field schema as each one is generated based on external and pre-processed yxdb files loaded dynamically by the macro using the names it takes as input from the analytic app.


It seems the problem is trickier than I thought 😅

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Hello mbarone,


I've tested what you proposes and of course it shows me the file paths written, but I can't open from that windows the files, I already was able to access the files via the output log:




But I would like to have the files to be shown as outputs of the analytic app, select them and open which ones I want to review.