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Alteryx 2021.2 Download to Excel --Report Text tool output Background Color Black

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All,


I'm running into a peculiar problem when downloading output to excel with both Alteryx Server and Designer v 2021.2.  I use the Report Text tool in union with a Table tool to provide a title line to our data tables.  I've noticed that after updating our Sever/Designer to v 2021.2, when I download a report to excel or output a report to excel the title line is formatted to background color black.  So with black text and black background color, you can no longer read the Report Text.


Has anyone else experienced this with the most recent update?  Any ideas on why this might be happening?



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @mfresques,


Sorry to hear you're running into trouble with the Reporting tools. Can you please provide the workflow you are using and include some dummy data so the Community can look at the specifics? This will help the Community troubleshoot your issue.

8 - Asteroid

Hey @mnorberg,


Someone else also made a post around this issue, to which I also piggy-backed on it in detail there;

11 - Bolide

Just want to add my experience to this issue.


I have a report that has (1) a Table Tool, (2) a Report Text Tool, and (3) a Layout Tool that combines those two in a vertical layout.


Previously, the output Excel file is just fine - I have a table with a title that has black text on an empty background. Now, the output Excel file has a title that is unreadable because of black text on a black background. It is the Report Text Tool that creates this table title.