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Defect: Report Text Tool Issue on Upgrade

5 - Atom

The font on the tool is set to black and the background is set to none. Upon running the workflow, the output produces a black background.  I played around with it for a while, and no matter the color setting, the output still produces a black background for the header. I also replaced the tool and copied its settings and ended up with the same result.




7 - Meteor

I would like to Second this, I am experiencing the same issue on the newest release, I believe something is happening with the render tool;


Before the upgrade the render output would produce;



After the upgrade the reports started rendering as such;



I then tried to go to every report suite tool (header, report text, table, layout, render...) and try to force black text with a white background and the best I have been able to get is this;


To note, the header still have the text for the date (just can't see it cause the background) however the extra lines from the report text tool that is added above each table does not even produce the text (ie. "Count of Records").


This is the Browse results right before the Render tool, that has the report displaying properly (purple boxes are just redactions), so that leads me to believe the Render tool is to blame;



Also here is my Render tool configuration;




Example workflow attached, that is producing same errors