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API 400 error

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Hi All


I am trying to post data to an API via the download tool. I have several inputs, including a json body and a bearer token, When I look at the data, the system is truncating the information on both of these fields and I am wondering if this is the cause and is there anyway I can prevent truncation. I have attched a screen shot of the data inputs and the download configuration, thanks

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19 - Altair

Hi @sew9 


This is known problem with Designer that has been around since I've been using it.  It's not the data in the cell that is truncated, it the data in the results grid that is truncated.   In order to display intermediate results at every tool output, Alteryx makes a copy of the data available at that output.  In order to minimize memory use, string longer than 256 characters are truncated during the copy operation.  The data in the underlying tool is not truncated in any way. 




You can see the complete data if you add a Browse tool.  Browse tools do not have the memory limitations of the other tools and will show all the data 



All of this is to say that your data is not actually truncated and the 400 error that you're seeing is not caused by truncation





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Thanks Dan, I will add a browser tool. Good to confirm that the underlying data is being stored and passed through the workflow as required,