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Split Data

7 - Meteor

Hello I'm having issues with putting together a formula that allows me to change anything with an Auth0 name to Okta and anything with an Okta name to Auth0 after the dash. I cannot get the formula to read in sequence. It only makes the change 1 way. For example, if the name reads Business Operations - Auth0 I need it to read Business Operations - Okta and so on. I need to keep the preceding text and only flip the name after the dash. 



Screenshot 2023-09-18 165526.png


12 - Quasar

we can add more text to generate a unique text to replace the target text.

like this case we add "- " in front.


replace([Dept - BU], "- Auth0","- Okta")

7 - Meteor

The issue I'm coming across is it only changes it one way. I need anything that says Auth0 at the end to change to Okta and anything that says Okta at the end to change to Auth0. 

11 - Bolide

You can solve this with an IF-ELSE statement in a Formula Tool: 

  • If the string has "- Okta", switch it to "- Auth0"
  • Else if the string has "- Auth0", switch it to "- Okta"


Alteryx - MoeShow Split Data.png


Here is my output. Note that I added a new column just to demonstrate the effect - for your case, you should overwrite the existing [Dept-BU] column.


Alteryx - MoeShow Split Data b.png