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Cannot load Database assets

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Connect version: 2020.3


We had Database assets imported by adding a New connection in Administration page.

Yesterday I removed the connection, removed assets in Stage and created a new connection to import.


Database assets are not visible in Datasources any more.


The log shows the following.


09:09:40.867 [pool-27-thread-1] INFO - SCHEDULING REQUEST JOB STATUS.GalleryJob{id='60afc444aa430000a2003ed0', workflowId='6063edee82692e132c7e2d07', status=Running, startedAt=1622131780867}
09:09:50.875 [pool-27-thread-1] INFO - SCHEDULING REQUEST JOB STATUS.GalleryJob{id='60afc444aa430000a2003ed0', workflowId='6063edee82692e132c7e2d07', status=Completed, startedAt=1622131790875}



Hi @kamanivk, it looks that some database loader was executed - because the records are not in stage, than synchronization removed the assets from UI and put them to trash.

You will need to follow up the metadata loader logs in gallery and check if it run sucessfully.

In fonnect you check that the requested DB objects must be visible in admin/maintenance/stage under resp load code.


Hope it help.


8 - Asteroid

@PetrH , Thank you for the reply.


The assets are not visible in admin/maintenance/stage either.


I am using the loader in Connect, not the workflow loader in gallery.


I am yet to resolve this issue.


Hi @kamanivk 

if you cant see right assets even in stage, I would nt epect to be present in connect (at least after sync).
What I would like to point out is, that if the data are not in stage, there might be some problem to execute the loader.

if you configure the connection in Connect, and execute the loader within Connect, what it does...?

The answer is .. Connect prepare value file (connection to your source system and also the pointer to Connect server and ship it together with loader to Alteryx Server (gallery) and execute it as job.

So I am heading to the fact that if you trigger the sync in Connect, and dont have data back in Connect (stage), you might need to check the following:

1. check that your connection details are correct in connect.

2. Check your gallery connection in Connect (because its using configured gallery to execute the metadata loader)

3. and finally check the logs from connect sync on gallery - because the log from metadata loader synchronization might help us to see where is the error.


Alternatively, you can install Alteryx Connect metadata loaders to your computer. The loaders you can find (once installed) in help/sample workflows/Alteryx Connect metadata loaders

if you execute the loader from hand, you might see the log too.


Hope its clear now..

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Thank you for the update.

I completed importing the assets after installing the loaders in my laptop.