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Base URL not working - new install with SSL option

8 - Asteroid

I completed a new installation of Connect 2020 version.

I selected to SSL option during installation.

I worked with my IT team to get a new Base URL

I configured the URL in Base URL setting and could access Connect using https://localhost/ url on the server.


When I tried the base url from a user laptop, the page would not load.

What could be the issue?


I imported and updated the properties of and existing certificate based on the instructions provided here, but no luck.

Is there is a separate appid for Connect? instead of the appid mentioned in the instructions for Gallery in above link?


After some digging, I could access the page though IP address of the server. Example:

But the page indicate is not secure, so the connection is not using SSL.

May be my I did something wrong during installation.




Hello @kamanivk ,


I might recommend following the article here for assistance on this issue:


Connect is a bit different than Server in how you would install the SSL certificates and requires a different configuration.


If you get stuck, I would definitely recommend reaching out to our Support team!



Mike Spoula
Senior Solutions Architect