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Atleryx Loader - Missing Inputs

When using the Alteryx_Loader 2019.2, I have come across and issue where the database inputs are not coming into Connect as they are setup in their ODBC connection.


They "Server" is blank and the "Database" says default. The Schema's and tables are loading correctly though. Has anyone come across this yet? It is becoming a bigger issues when trying to match to our Data Sources as that includes Server, db, schemas, and tables.


Any advise for debugging or for custom loader?





Hi @JalenBraegelmann ,

I would like to ask you what is your database technology?


Are you able to run your workflow on the gallery (meaning that ODBC for that database is properly configured on the gallery).

Are you running AYX Loader on the gallery or on your local designer, if on your local designer do you have the same ODBC DSN properly defined there?

If ODBC DSN is used in the workflow we would need to take DSN name from somewhere and translate it to fully qualified name of the server. 



Hi thanks for responding!


The database is an IMBi iSeries.


The missing server and database is pervasive across all workflows with this ODBC connection, so it is not limited to just one workflow. Yes - this workflow is running on the gallery and has a correct DSN and ODBC connection. I am running the loader workflow via a remote connection to our Alteryx Server. 


Can you explain further what you mean by taking the DSN name and translating it to a fully qualified name? The AYX loader is pulling properly for all other database inputs, just not for our iSeries connection.


Hi @JalenBraegelmann ,

in AYX Loader we need to take ODBC DSN (which is used in a workflow as connection) and translate it into fully qualified connection string (hostname, port, db ...). In order to do that we are searching for registry settings or for d2cli.ini files, once we will find them we are able to translate to fully qualified name.

Not sure why this is not working for your system. Could you pls describe what driver version are you using and if you have db2cli.ini file on your system?


If this is not helping, would be great if you get in touch with customer support and they can do a call to do troubleshooting (looking into Designer logs to see if we were able to parse connection information etc).