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Adding fields in description section

6 - Meteoroid

Is it possible to add other fields besides the alternate name and description in the alteryx connect description section?

8 - Asteroid

Hi @dipika1 


My guess is that you're already aware that custom fields can be added to all asset pages and that your question is whether or not they can be aligned with the 'Descriptions' section?


Short answer is no


Custom fields can be added but they'll appear on the lower right of the page (below the fold). I'm not aware of any way to adjust its location on the page.

6 - Meteoroid

Is it possible to upload metadata in the connect description section using a metadata loader? 

10 - Fireball

We are changing the column_comment in Teradata metaloader. We put a our data dictionary description into it and a couple more concatenated attributes. We put a <br> before the attributes to start them on a new line. 


So possible, yes. 


7 - Meteor

Yes it is possible. we do have same requirement Teradata Columns Descriptions and we able to achieve.