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Metadata loading in Hub

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Hi there.  I'm experienced with Designer & Server. New to Hub and haven't used Connect.  I'm trying to load data from our Snowflake instance into my fresh/brand new Hub instance.  The Loader file is asking for Connect information, including a port and database and I'm not sure how to use it in Hub.  I'm trying to download and run the Loader App for Snowflake and I'm not sure what to put in the second screen. Thanks for any help you can provide.


Is there a Hub-version of this? 




Hi @Matt_Curtis ,


We use the same analytic app to load the metadata into Analytics Hub and provide a configuration in the Hub UI, so you don't have to run it through Designer. At a high level, you will need to create a data source, connection and credential for the Snowflake instance on your site (if it doesn't exist already) and then load metadata into the data catalog.


Additional info in the help docs:

Loading of data catalog is towards the bottom of that article under "Harvest Metadata to Build a Data Catalog".


Please let me know if you run into any issues.




9 - Comet

Hey @BryceL thanks for the response! I've gone through the documentation you linked to and created a data source, clicked "load metadata", then the job has failed.  Digging into the Loader Logs it looks like my account is insufficient since it's not an ACCOUNTADMIN.  Is that role required to run loader jobs?




Hi @Matt_Curtis

Within Snowflake loader that ROLE is required, in order to make sure that all the objects can be accessed and loaded (so permissions can be managed using AAH permissions model). 

Please try granting ACCOUNTADMIN role to a user being used within the process.


use role accountadmin;
use schema snowflake.account_usage;


More details can be found here:


Hope it helps. Thanks