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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Welcome to the January 2021 edition of the Top Contributors blog! We haven't had a dedicated blog to our top contributors in a while, but we're changing that from here on out. We want to showcase more than just likes and solutions, and make sure that people who contribute in all kinds of ways are included. Things may evolve as we go and we may be looking out for different types of top contributors, as there's no real single way to measure contribution. Because after all, YOU make the community what it is!


Each month, we like to take the time to celebrate our community and thank the top 3 Community members who share the most solutions, start the most conversation, respond the most, and receive the most likes. The contributions to the Community by these members have helped countless Alteryx users continue their learning. Without further adieu, let's jump into the fun part!



  • Top Solution Authors and Responders 

EN-Top Contributors January 21-TOP 3 Solution Authors and Responders .png



@Qiu with 80 given solutions

@AngelosPachis with 75 given solutions

@Emil_Kos with 51 given solutions



  • Top Conversation Starters 

EN-Top Contributors January 21-TOP 3 Conversation Starters.png


Congratulations @fardeen9983@Ajith1@vijaylnyadav!

  • Top Liked Authors

EN-Top Contributors January 21-TOP 3 Liked Authors .png



@Qiu received 119 kudos
@AngelosPachis received 96 kudos
@Toons received 90 kudos


Thanks for guiding the way for our Community users! You are amazing! 


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Aspiring to see your name on the leaderboards next month? Check out where your name falls on the Solutions leaderboard and the Likes Leaderboard.


At a loss for how to get started? A great way to get some "likes" going is to write for the Community! Are you an expert on a topic that might be good for our Data Science blog? Reach out to @CristonS to chat! You can also reach out to the folks on Top contributors list to start a conversation about how you too can make your way to becoming a Top Contributor. 


Feel free to share your January 2021 accomplishment on social by sharing this blog. Let's spread the word out. 


See you next month!