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Time Series Forecasting Course.png


With everyone staying home, it seems most of us are constantly looking for another good series to stay entertained. Well look no further than the new course in Academy: Time Series Forecasting! The course starts with the foundational concepts and guides you through the technical aspects while arming you with the knowledge and skills to build your own models in Designer.


The course is part of the Data Science Learning Path and includes 4 new lessons:


  1. What is Time Series Forecasting – learn what distinguishes a Time Series model from other predictive models and what you need to get started.
  2. Preparing Time Series Data – get a sense of the format your data needs to follow and how to address various issues when preparing it.
  3. ETS & ARIMA – explore the two Time Series models available in Designer, including their configuration and interpretation of the results.
  4. Selecting and Scaling Models – determine the best performing model for your dataset by comparing the performance of multiple models, then create multiple models based on grouping within your dataset.

You can access the new course in the Interactive Lessons section of Academy or by visiting the Data Science Learning Path. Head over today to add the orange Time Series Palette to your arsenal!