Happy 8th birthday to the Maveryx Community! Take a walk down memory lane in our birthday blog, and don't miss out on the awesome birthday present that all Maveryx Community members get to take advantage of!


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We are transforming how we present knowledge to Alteryx users. In doing this, we hope to further streamline how you can find the right information, at the right time, in the right place.


Sounds great, right!? But what's actually happening?


On the front end, we will continue to serve knowledge base articles (KBAs) that are driven by Alteryx knowledge workers, besides other content from Alteryx authors, our Technical Writing team, and our global user community. It’s just how they are served to you from the backend that has been modified.


Going forward, we are leveraging Mission Control to present KBAs. Mission Control, in combination with our Maveryx Community, is designed to optimize how we deliver content to you. It serves as a centralized resource designed to aid you in achieving your business objectives by providing streamlined access to crucial information.


KM Blog1.jpg


One of its key features is the unified search functionality. This single-interface search system allows you to explore all KBAs, community posts, help documentation, and other relevant information that can assist in problem resolution and answer your queries.


Additionally, Mission Control will aim to enhance your experience by providing relevant recommendations tailored to your specific issues, wherever possible.


How does this all tie together, you ask? (You didn’t, but stick with me). Try searching "A file must be specified" in the search box you see on this page, while also changing the search category to 'Knowledge.' Did you find the article Error: A file must be specified? I hope so.


Well, if you were to ever drop the Input Data tool onto your canvas and click Run (you wouldn’t do this, but as I said, stick with me), you'd get an error, and we'd help you by linking to the same article you just found.


KM Blog2.jpg


That's a healthy knowledge base in action!


This is just one of many ways we want to continue to create an environment of success for you, our Alteryx user (who knows not to run a single input tool with no inputs).


This community is robust and thriving. Alteryx Customer Support will continue to offer valuable knowledge to help Alteryx users achieve their goals. This change will help us be more efficient and provide more effective solutions.