2022.1.1.30569 Patch Release Update

The 2022.1.1.30569 Patch/Minor release has been removed from the Download Portal due to a missing signature in some of the included files. This causes the files to not be recognized as valid files provided by Alteryx and might trigger warning messages by some 3rd party programs. If you installed the 2022.1.1.30569 release, we recommend that you reinstall the patch.


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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

The Community Team is excited to announce an enhanced events experience in the Alteryx Community! 


Soon, you will be able to access a master events calendar on the community and filter based on interest and event type. The Community team will be hosting events more frequently and opening opportunities for members to host events on the Alteryx Community as well. MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png


We are SO excited to kick off our new events program with an exciting panel discussion featuring Dean Stoecker, co-founder and executive chairman of Alteryx (and massive community supporter), Alteryx's first employee Amy Holland and long-term ACE Mark Frisch! 


Our panelists will be reminiscing about the good old days of Alteryx and sharing leadership and career advice along the way. If you missed the chance to chat with Dean and get your copy of his book MASTERPIECE: The Emotional Journey to Creating Anything Great…Anything signed at Inspire, this is a great opportunity to hear Dean and several of our earliest advocates about what the journey over the past 25 years has been like.


This is one event you won't want to miss, register today!

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Can't wait!