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Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

One year ago we launched - a one-stop shop for coders interested in extending the Alteryx platform. Here you can converse with peers as well as Alteryx developers on Dev Space, get quickly linked to API/SDK Help Docs and the Alteryx Github page, and browse developer blogs. It's been an eventful year, so stick with us for highlights, top contributors, and of course no birthday is complete without presents!




My favorite happenings in Dev Space are the random acts of kindness: Alteryx CTOs helping users, Alteryx developers helping users, and of course users helping users.



Random acts of sharing are also worth highlighting, including both a Python and an R client library for the Gallery API, along with connectors to JIRA and Outlook.


This year also saw the first ever Inspire hackathon: Alteryx BUILD, along with several developer-themed breakout sessions.


But perhaps the greatest highlight of all was watching Ozzie code all day on Twitch!

The celebrations begin...


As a small token of our gratitude, EVERYONE that has posted to Dev Space over the past year gets the snazzy new Dev Space Founders badge! Each and every person who posted in this first year played a part in helping get the Developer Community off the ground and we would not be where we are today without your contributions! 
mug.pngA special gift for our Top Contributors!Additionally, we can't thank our top contributors enough for supporting Dev Space with quick and insightful answers to their peers' questions. These folks get a little something extra for going above and beyond to nurture the growth of Alteryx Developer knowledge.
Without further ado, we are excited to announce the Top Developer Community Contributors for the first time ever -- all of whom can expect to receive their custom gifts in the mail soon 😉

Developer Community Top Contributors

First, the following individuals garnered the most posts, kudos, and solutions authored over the past year.
And a most honorable mention goes to @rpaugh for his heroic work with the aforementioned Outlook Input tool. Rick treats his blog post like a GitHub repo; acting as developer, product manager, and customer support to the countless users of his tool through the comments section of the blog.
Congratulations to all!

But wait, there's MORE...



Besides the game console and the custom keyboard given away for the HTML Tool Challenge (today is the last day of the contest - submit your tool and/or vote!) and the Python Tool Challenge, respectively, this week we posted the first ever developer weekly challenge!


New Code-Friendly Community Features

Coming soon...


On this very special day, we couldn't be more excited to give you the inside scoop on some new dev minded features we have on our near-term road-map.


Be on the lookout for code snippet syntax highlighting capabilities AND a very special UI makeover to Dev Space -- Because we all know it's better to code in the dark... 


DAY-NIGHT.gifNight Mode - Coming soon to Dev Space