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Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager




Alteryx BUILD is back, baby! Last year's inaugural event was tons of fun and resulted in some great projects. The number one piece of feedback was that we need more defined project options. Message received! This year we present five different tracks to choose from. For each of the first four options, we will provide a concrete goal at the beginning of the event for your team to accomplish.


OTP.PNGAlteryx for Good Track


An instant tradition that we hope never goes away, choose this track to work on behalf of a great non-profit. This year, we're excited to have One Tree Planted on board. A great choice for all skill levels.


Predictive Track


Have you heard of Kaggle competitions? No more spoilers. If you're interested in showing off your data science chops, this is the track for you.


SDK Track


Last year's overall winner built an Image Vectorizer tool with the Python SDK. This year we'll tell you what tool to build with the Python SDK. Here are some study materials if you're interested in this track.


CReW Macro TrackCReW.png


If you haven't heard of the CReW Macro Pack, you're missing out. It's a free set of utility tools that extend and perfectly complement the out of the box Alteryx tools. Originally created by Alteryx Principal Engineer @AdamR, community top contributor @MarqueeCrew has since taken ownership of the pack and will administer and judge the challenge. Mark has identified a need for a new CReW macro (that he'll disclose at the event) - if you win he'll consider adding your project to the pack!


Open Track


If you have your own great idea of something to build with Alteryx - have at it. We'll consider it for a prize based on its overall level of innovation, creativity, and usefulness to the wider Alteryx community.

Register for BUILD when you register for Inspire. If you've already registered for Inspire, you can go back now and add BUILD, which will take place in Nashville on Tuesday, June 11th. Once you've registered, pay attention to your inbox for future communications about ahead-of-time team building, prizes, and logistics. Questions? Add them in the comments below...


Hi Neil - has One Tree Planted provided any of their data for us to work with?  They look like a great organization that should have some interesting data.

Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

@larrysanchez One Tree Planted has helped us identify open data and info that will help with their data challenge track! While I won't totally give away the challenge (that will be announced Tuesday morning), here's a sneak peek of some resources that will help:

And form your team ahead of time here!