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Alteryx BUILD - Team Building

Alteryx BUILD is our inaugural day-long hackathon. It will take place all day the Monday of Inspire. It is free to attend and you may add this as a selection when registering for Inspire 2018.

Alteryx BUILD is our inaugural day-long hackathon. It will take place all day the Monday of Inspire. It is free to attend and you may add this as a selection when registering for Inspire 2018. Find more details, project examples and ask questions here.

Use this space to propose project ideas and find teammates (max 5) ahead of the event. Comment on a project of interest to join the team. Once your team is complete, add a new comment listing your team members.

Suggest a project

Per @NeilR's suggestion "Embed Alteryx analytics into an app by leveraging the Server API"...


Why not develop a Web App that can render the UI for, and run, any applicable Alteryx Application via the Gallery API? 


Applicable applications would require:


As a reminder, all Alteryx question types are supported except for the following:


  • Trees
  • File Browse
  • Maps


I've always thought this would be a fun project and beyond useful for those Alteryx Apps that could use a more agile user interface. Would love to team up with some web developers interested in tackling this.  Two main pre-requisites and/or guidelines that come to mind:


  1. Serverless - for portability and ease of use (pure HTML/JavaScript)
  2. Leverage modern front-end frameworks
    • Because I beleive that design is just as important as functionality in modern web development 
    • I'm a big fan of Vue and Vuetify, and while I'd love to use them for this idea, I'm also open to suggestions.

If you're interested, check out this GitHub project where I'm developing Alteryx Tools and Web Apps using the aforementioned frameworks.


@NeilR, will we have access to a public Gallery?  might be a deal breaker...

I have decided to work on the Water for People Project

Looking for teammates who want to work on this meaningful challenge with me! 



See details below: 



"Thank you for offering to help Water for People with their data analytics needs. They will be creating a new website in the next 6 months. To help them prepare for greater SEO and engagement of donors on the new site, you can help them discover:

  1. Where visitors are coming from? What are the key drivers to the current site?
  2. What are key search terms that currently drive site visits?
  3. What search terms are other nonprofits in this field using?,,, and other large NGOs like UNICEF, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, etc.
  4. Are there search terms they should consider for Google AdWords purchases and/or SEO?
  5. Are there any trends in search terms around charitable giving, clean water, corporate social responsibility, etc. that they should know about and aren’t currently capturing?
  6. What do people search for when they are looking to donate money to causes?
  7. Any other insights that can be gleaned from the Google Analytics data for the purposes of informing upcoming website design decisions."

Airline booking system that auto adjust rates based on demand and supply.  Adding an extra twist, have the ability to block tickets or hold back tickets for sale release as of a future date.

The scheduler is great part of server however sometimes the orchestration with other systems can be frustrating to work with. My plan is to use Airflow to orchestrate large scale jobs that can run side by side with SSIS, Hadoop, and anything else with an accessible API.

Alteryx handles vector data sets fairly well, but there is no support for raster functionality outside of MapInfo .grd files (which Alteryx reads as vector objects).  I think it would be useful to create a full set of raster tools to expand the spatial functionality of Alteryx.  In my mind this is basically a set of Alteryx wrappers for GDAL functions, but if someone has a better idea, then I'm all for it.


It would definitely be helpful to have some strong Python scripting experience.