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Alter Everything Podcast

A podcast about data science and analytics culture.
VP Global Community
VP Global Community

Heather Harris and Tara McCoy join us to discuss building a culture of analytics in an organization and the impact that women can have on the industry.











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LOVED this Podcast!! So cool to hear the varied backgrounds that led @Heather_Harris & @TaraM to the awesome careers they have today, and a true testament to the power of tools like Alteryx in opening up doors both professionally (with career opportunities) and personally (with the discovery of new interests & passions)! And you couldn't have chosen a more perfect pair when it comes to inspiring women in analytics... the enthusiasm that Heather & Tara so clearly show for the people they work with and the ideas they help grow, encourage, and deploy is something incredibly powerful to see/hear. 


Also, @BrianO, fabulous job facilitating! You have a voice made for podcasts Smiley Happy


Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your passions! Looking forward to the next episode already...






VP Global Community
VP Global Community

Thanks, @NicoleJohnson!


People always told me growing up that I have a real face for radio Smiley Wink


This is awesome! I subscribed and will listen in between my Atlanta Monster episodes! Looking forward to more episodes Smiley Happy 


This is one of my favorite podcasts!

@Heather_Harris I'm catching up on the podcast and I thoroughly enjoyed this one! However, I did take exception to your view on actuaries (Full disclosure: I'm an actuary). The real magic is when you combine an Actuary + numbers + Alteryx. Actuary is right behind statistician on the US New's Best Business Jobs.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



But @Heather_Harris didn't mention any actuary jokes:


  • An actuary is a place where they bury dead actors.
  • Two actuaries are duck hunting. They see a duck in the air and
    they both shoot. The first actuary’s shot is 20 feet wide to the left.
    The second actuary’s shot is 20 feet wide to the right. The actuaries
    give each other high fives, because on average they shot it.
  • What did God say when he created Actuaries? He scratched his head
    and said, “Go figure!” They took it literally…





  • Two people are flying in a hot air balloon and realize they are
    lost. They see a man on the ground, so they navigate the balloon to
    where they can speak to him. They yell to him, “Can you help us – we’re
    lost.” The man on the ground replies, “You’re in a hot air balloon,
    about two hundred feet off the ground.” One of the people in the balloon
    replies to the man on the ground, “You must be an actuary. You gave us
    information that is accurate, but completely useless. The actuary on the ground yells to the people in
    the balloon, “you must be in marketing.” They yell back, “yes, how did
    you know?” The actuary says,” well, you’re in the same situation you
    were in before you talked to me, but now it’s my fault.
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Yes @patrick_digan.  I saw that joke too.