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Track progress should be easier to find, under user profile ideally

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Having a heck of time resuming track when I log back in. One would think and hope my track can be found under my profile icon with a link to pick up where I left off. This isn't the case unfortunately and makes me not want to continue as I have to spend 5-10 each time just to click through to find my track. What am I missing?

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16 - Nebula

Hi @4kammer ,


Unfortunately there is no permanent tracking. But that shouldn't prevent you from going through the program. You may write down which week and module you finish your session to come back to it next time.





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Hi @4kammer!


I do find this inconvenient as well. I do notice that your progress through the Alteryx Academy is being tracked despite the whole ADAPT program not being tracked. One thing that I do that I find useful is adding it to my Google Calendar as a task (not an event). I have added every single Week/Day to my calendar (i.e. Week 2, Day 3 is labeled 2/3). This way I can see where I am every single day and check off each one as I do it. I hope this can also be useful to you!


Good luck!


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"write down" ...is so very analog.

Unfortunately the absence of this very simple feature (to allow users to pick up where we left off in a learning track under our profile) is resulting in my wasting time trying to find where I left off so I can resume a time restricted program. And, (un)fortunately I have better things to do so I am abandoning the ADAPT program, which is truly a great intended program but ultimately executed poorly with a klunky online learning platform. 


I give ADAPT a 9 our of 10 in intention and content and a 3 out of 10 in accessibility and ease of use.

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I think this is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. It makes us to login more frequently and than any regular MOOC based program keeping us focused. Nevertheless maintaining a note or a document file to document your daily learning is very much recommended.