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9 - Comet

Good morning/evening Ramana and hello all!


Nice to meet you all!


I love playing with data too! Is anyone familiar with MS Access and MS Excel by any chance? I may have questions for you on certain features of these two MS Office programs in the future, especially with MS Access, which I self-taught.


I can assist you in any way you need, whenever I have free moments in time!


Take care and talk soon!




Very best,

- Dave Chandra

8 - Asteroid

Hi @dchandra, 


I believe the firm will pay for the CPA exam review courses and reimburse exam expenses. I asked my colleagues (I am in the SF/Bay Area Office).


If you are determined to be a CPA, please take the exams ASAP. I don't think it is possible to take them during busy season, so you may need to plan them in advance. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message. 


Good luck with your data and your CPA exams. I am sure you will do just fine.



9 - Comet

Hi @ultrarunner,


I take it that you are with Pricewaterhouse Coopers' San Fransisco office. Is that correct?


I am in their Tampa, FL, office.


Have a wonderful day!




8 - Asteroid

Hi @davechndr,


Good to see you again. Yes. I am in the Bay Area. 


Happy busy season to you!


5 - Atom

can we connect on linkedin @dchandra?

9 - Comet

Hi @Aaqib_08 ,


Yes, absolutely, you and I should connect! Always nice getting to know a new person or two!


Let me know if you need pointers on passing the Alteryx Core Exam, as well!





6 - Meteoroid

Hi @ultrarunner & @davechndr,


Just seen your messages, I am another Alteryx user at PwC based in the Manchester office. It's great to see the other offices embracing the technology and contributing to the community! :)


I'd be really interested to understand how you use it in your work and learn from your experiences.





8 - Asteroid

Hi @pengland17@FutureShorter33, and everyone,


It is nice to meet you. I do tax consulting too. I have built many Alteryx workflows for work, which helped me (and my team) save a lot of hours. I am also learning SQL and Python. I am so grateful that we are working for a company that promotes digital upskilling 


All the best and welcome!