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Hello from a Tax Nerd

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Hi Alteryx Community,

My name is Jennifer and I am starting the process to obtain Core Certification. I'm a self-described tax nerd that is looking to use Alteryx to make the numerous data analysis and clensing processes we perform more efficient. As with many finance professionals, I find most of my time is spent with gathering and clensing data rather than analyzing data. I look forward to learning from fellow tax nerds how Alteryx is used in the tax world and I look forward to obtaining my Core and Advanced certifications.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, @jsegall


Let me start saying that you are in the best path to make the data analysis of a self-described tax nerd way more efficient! Then, I want to share the amazing Core and Advanced Certification Preparation videos that we have available in the Alteryx Academy for you! Check them out and happy solving! 





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