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11 - Bolide

I just want to say that I agree with most of the other comments here 🙂

This is really helpful, especially together with the Challenge Progress Tracker workflow, great work!

(PS. To 100 is the only way 😎 )

8 - Asteroid

Greetings one and all,


Is someone behind the scenes doing a little tidy on the Weekly Challenges? I have been using the Challenge Progress tracker to study up for the certification and when I started in earnest a few weeks back, there were more Beginner challenges and now there are less there (as they were shifted to Intermediate). The tracker is not picking up all 280 challenges either... I wrote the missing ones on a post-it note that I now can not find...


Thanks - K

8 - Asteroid

@kcfuiks, yes, something is being fiddled with.   I've completed 122 challenges, but only 116 of them show up in the tracker as "completed" for me.  The 6 that are missing are challenges that have had the "Level of Difficulty" removed from the weekly challenge list.  Those show up as "not completed" and all of the values (challenge number, URL, name, level of difficulty, main subject, completion date) are all {null}.

8 - Asteroid

@tammybrown_tds @kcfuiks, I had the same issue, but it's easy to fix it; all you need to do is replace '+' with a '*' in the first regex tool (as shown below image). You can also use the below regex code.


<TR.*?><TD>(\d*)<\/TD><TD><A href="(.+)" target="_blank">(.+)<\/A><\/TD><TD>(.*)<\/TD><TD>(?:<\/TR>)?(.+)?(?:<\/TD><\/TR>)


8 - Asteroid

Thank you, @JasonHu!  That worked!

8 - Asteroid


I would like to know more about the Weekly Challenge Index and the leaderboard(Top Solvers in the Last 30 Days).


I have solved 19 challenges in last 30 Days, used the tracking workflow mentioned to confirm.

Please see the snapshot for date wise solutions submitted



Just wants to know what I am missing here that does not show my name on the Top Solvers in the Last 30 Days list, as of today I can see rank 10 is for 17 challenges.


Please can anybody help me to understand,


Thanks in advance!!!


9 - Comet

Like @SonaliBabar , I am also having trouble this week. I should have received my 100 challenges badge and was super stoked to post that up on LinkedIn, but it hasn't come through yet. Is something going on? 

8 - Asteroid

As of today,  I can only see 90 challenges on the index. Earlier all challenges were showing. Would really appreciate if you

can make it so that all challenges show up on the index by level of difficulty.

9 - Comet

Same situation here. I raised the issue to Academy@alteryx.com this morning. Let's see what they respond with. 

17 - Castor

They mentioned they are doing some work on this page in the below thread


Solved: Re: Missing Level of Difficulty in Weekly Challeng... - Alteryx Community