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Challenge #298: Christmas Treasure Box

A solution to last week’s challenge can be found here
Weekly Challenge Image 298 (1).pngFor this challenge, you will be hosting the perfect Christmas night! You've invited friends over to eat cookies, listen to music, and watch a movie!
This is a two-part challenge: First you must choose each item (type of cookie, music and movie) based on a specific criterias that are in the container boxes below (you have opinionated friends), then you must use your 3 selections to find the key to the treasure box. The treasure box holds a special gift from your Weekly Challenge team!
(Hint: Label your final selection column as "Answer")
Cookie Criteria: Choose the cookie recipe that makes the most cookies!
1. You have 1000 grams of butter and 1000 g of sugar. 
2. The cookies recipes require the ingredients as listed. 
3. You are not limited by any of the other ingredients. 
Music Criteria: Choose a Christmas playlist for your guests while you eat cookies!
1. Assume each song is 3 minutes and that your total music playtime will be 45 minutes - this determines how many songs you have on the list!
2. Every song must be a -9 or lower in loudness (ex. -15 would be a very quiet song)
3. Eric wants all the minor songs and Matthew wants songs in F major.
4.Thalita loves Dean Martin!
5. Put the songs in order of loudness, so the music builds as a transition to the movie.
The title of the last song is your "answer"! 
Movie Criteria: Choose a crowd-pleaser movie
1. You only want a movie that was released in the theater
2. Nicole doesn't want to watch an animated movie. 
3. Ryan is feeling nostalgic and wants to watch something from the 80's or 90's.
4. It must be the top rated movie of the year it debuted.
5. The movie with the longest run time in the Comedy genre is your "answer"!
After all that hard work to create the Best Christmas Evening Ever, use your three answers to find the key to the treasure box!
1. Use the provided lookup table to "find and replace" your answers to produce three sets of scrambled letters and numbers (hint: label column as "Answer"). 
2. Concatenate the key and add to the provided formula tool.
3. Once you run the key through the formula tool, you may open the treasure box and put the link in the tool configuration!
12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Do we assume 'whole' recipes?  Or can you make partials?


@Watermark Yes, the entire recipe.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

My solution!




12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar
MT_Solution 298.png

Christmas Result.png


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

8 - Asteroid




16 - Nebula

Thank you Alteryx Weekly Challenge Team for another great challenge and for all your wishes!


Alteryx weekly challenges have helped me massively to improve my Alteryx skills and are an integral part of the community for me. I hope they continue for years to come!





Merry Xmas everyone 🎅🎄


19 - Altair


10 - Fireball


Enjoy the season.

13 - Pulsar

Happy Holidays everyone!

challenge_298_start_file_Alex Abi-Najm.PNG