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Intermediate App Development

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)




You have created some great workflows that others need to run. Learn how to turn your workflow into an analytic app by constructing a graphical user interface (GUI) so users can easily set the required parameters.


You'll learn how to:

  • Choose from the range of interface tools to construct the best GUI
  • Publish your app to the Alteryx Gallery for consumption by others 

Tool sets/processes covered:


Presenter:  @JoeM

Date: 2016-11-08

Alteryx Designer Version: 10.5

8 - Asteroid

what was going on at the @43 minute lost seemed like it wasn't working properly...but why...and then, what did you do to fix it...

8 - Asteroid

Hi John,


I have the same problem. I think he replaced "Update Field List" with "Update Value." But I am not sure how it made a difference. 


Thank you,