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Hi All! Do you have any recommendations to get certified? 


We are hearing from users that the certification PREP courses are one of the best ways to accelerate Alteryx learning. Below are some resources that could be used for your PREP. 


Prep Guide :

Core Certification Part 1 Prep :

Core Certification Part 2 Prep :

Core Certification Part 3 Prep :

Core Certification Part 4 Prep :


Ready? Get Certified :


And don’t forget to leverage Academy’s Interactive Lessons :


13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Having both the core certification and the advanced certification, some of the best ways are:

1) The prep guides

2) The interactive lessons on community to learn new topics

3) The weekly challenges to learn new tools

4) The tool mastery index to learn about different options and settings for tools


When going through the core exam, as you are going through the questions if you don't know it right off the bat skip it and come back to it. It will allow you to get through all the ones you know for sure and then you can go back and spend time thinking about the ones you are less sure on.


For the advanced certification, focus on the problems that require workflows first. If you don't get at least 3 of the 4 correct, you cannot pass the exam. 


If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi All! My name is Tim and I'm fortunate to get to work with customers here at Alteryx.  I dropped into this group because I actually started my career in accounting before moving into a customer-facing role.  It is incredibly exciting to see all the discussions in this group.


One other resource out there is 101 and Core training by DataPrepU.  The CEO/Co-Founder, Chad Martin, was an Alteryx employee for 11 years.


There is a free 101 course that is 24 lessons that I've heard a lot of good things about.


Chad also did a 3-part series specific to tax earlier this year.


Alteryx: Crash Course for Tax




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The following is what i wrote up for users at my company.


Take the Exam! Taking the exam the first time was the best two hours of prep I had while studying for the exam. It really makes you get into Designer and click around and this allows you to understand the level of detail that is expected for your Core Certification. The Core Prep Guide ( is extremely important as well. The Curriculum section should be reviewed with the links provided to each section of the exam as these really helped nail down the details that I was missing in my first attempt. 


The Interactive lessons on the Community page ( are an excellent tool for preparing as well. They have a lot of subtle details included in these videos that are tested and the practice questions are a fair representation of the actual test questions. I probably watched each core level video five times prior to passing the exam, sometimes I would skip to the questions and other times I watched them all the way through.

The Live Training on the Community page ( is another excellent resource.


 I included links below to the four part series for the Core Certification. Each video is approximately 50 minutes long and they touch on all applicable apps. These videos also walk-through several examples that are very similar to actual exam questions to help get used to how questions are phrased and presented. The rest of the videos in the live training series can be a good resource if you find your self struggling on a specific tool. The index at the top of the page also provides a level of difficulty for each video.


Last but not least are videos I found on YouTube by Nathan Patrick Taylor who is a Data Scientist that has released several specialized Alteryx training videos. Nathan’s five part series on Alteryx for Excel Users (links provided below) was great for diving a little deeper on the Join, Preparation and Transformation tools that make up a good portion of the test. Each of these videos is 10-14 minutes long. I found these maybe the most helpful as they were the most practical in terms of how I intend to use this product in my day-to-day.


Alteryx Core Prep

Alteryx Core Excel

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Thank you so much! Quite thorough!
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Hi there.

The organisers of the User Group should have access to a running thread that has been developed by Nick Haylund, Joe Lipski (London UG) and ourselves at the Jersey/Channel Islands User Groups for In-Person Certification.

There is a presentation that is being developed between us; the Tax, Audit and Office of Finance UG might want to get involved ?

7 - Meteor

I recommend Chad's videos and his prep course (I believe he is currently developing a course for the Advanced certification). Chad does great presentations and has the expertise gained from his long tenure at Alteryx.


One of our employees used it to help with her Core certification and found it very helpful.  Here is a direct link to his Core curriculum:

6 - Meteoroid

@NPT - I mentioned you and your YouTube videos here