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Q2 RECAP (6/28 Meeting @ Mylan)

7 - Meteor

Hello All!


I realize this is a bit late, but I wanted to thank you all those who came out to our session on June 28th.  We had a great turnout and sparked some good conversation amongst the audience.  Special thanks to all those that presented:

1. @KatieH for sharing the product roadmap!  We are excited for so many things to come with Alteryx!

2. MedExpress Team for sharing how you use Alteryx, particularly to make geospatial analysis more efficient and effective!

3. Michael Fuhwald from BNY for your demo on using R with Alteryx.  This is something intimidating that you were able to make understandable! (materials shared via link below)

4. @stevedem for his demo on web scraping (materials shared via link below)

5. Roger Shiltz from Alteryx for sharing a demo on Macros.  Incredible feats you can accomplish with those!!


As promised (though much later than I intended – sorry!) here is a link to the materials from that meeting:



We are hoping to have another meeting in the September / October time frame - so be on the lookout for more details soon!  




Andy & Steve

7 - Meteor

Thanks!  I've been looking forward to these materials.  I thought the presentation was great!