Past Analytics Excellence Awards

Excellence Awards 2016: Qin Lee - Most Unexpected Insight

Author: Qin Lee, Business Analyst

Company: MSXI


Awards Category: Most Unexpected Insight


Huge data, large file and multiple applications have been created and saved and shared in a small size of Alteryx file. And now, I can test the script/coding and find the errors. This is the good way to develop the proof of concept for our company.


Describe the problem you needed to solve 

We need to go through many applications to get the data and save into one location to share and view.


Describe the working solution

We are blending the data sources form SQL, Access Excel and Hadoop, Yes, we are leveraging many parties' data. We are developing the workflows and functions for a concept now. Yes, we are exporting to a visualization tool.






Describe the benefits you have achieved

Collected the data from many locations and saved into a small size of the Alteryx database file and created the workflow and function and developed a search engine and design the proof of concept for approval and launch. Saved time and resolved the problem and increased customer satisfaction. I would like to send my sincere thanks to Mr. Mark Frisch (@MarqueeCrew), who helped us for many days to finish this project.

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Wonderful job, Mark!