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Mission Control FAQs


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Table of Contents:


What is Mission Control?

Mission Control delivers a unique omnichannel customer experience allowing users to self-serve to find solutions, manage licenses, create and manage support cases, perform assessments, and more.

How do I access Mission Control?

There are several ways to access Mission Control: 

  1. Easily access Mission Control by bookmarking the link 
  2. Go to in the upper right section of the homepage click “Support” 



  1. In Alteryx Community navigate to Support and click “Submit a Case” or “View Your Cases” buttons


  1. On the Help Documentation page click “My Alteryx”

  new helpsite screenshot.jpg


How do I submit a support case?

  1. Sign into Mission Control via SSO at  On the Dashboard click on “Submit a New Case” button that opens a Create Case Widget with simple steps to create a support case

Submit Case.png


  1. Create Case Widget (4 steps): 
    1. Describe Issue
    2. Review Solutions
    3. Additional Details
    4. Submit Case


Describe Issue.png


How do I track the status of my support case?

Navigate to the Case Management page to track the status of your support casesCase Management.png

Select a support case to see details of the case and interact with the support team:
Case Details.png



Who is on my support team?

You can access the Account Team either from the Dashboard or click the link in the left navigation:


Where do I find the latest notifications?

Notifications regarding your cases can be found in the following places: 1-Bell Notification, 2-Left Navigation, and 3-Main Dashboard




Where can I take some initial steps to learn about Alteryx's products?

Navigate to the Launch Pad in the left navigation menu to see a set of onboarding tasks for Designer, Server, and the Intelligence Suite: 




How can I upskill my analytics knowledge?

The Analytics Skills Assessment is designed to analyze your level of data and analytics knowledge. The results will uncover gaps and delivered a prescribed path to upskill your knowledge level.