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Alteryx Community Data Privacy and Protection FAQ

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Q: Where can I read about Alteryx policies that effect my privacy?

A: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Alteryx Cookie Policy


Q: Where can I view and manage my privacy settings?

A: Navigate to My Settings > Preferences > Privacy to view your settings about what information others can see about you


Q: Where can I view and manage my personal information?

A: Navigate to My Settings > Personal > Personal Information to view information including your name, location, and biography


Q: How can I stop receiving emails from Maveryx Community?

A: Navigate to My Settings > Personal > Email, check the Don't send me any community emails box, and click Save


Q: Where can I download a copy of the information associated with my account?

A: Navigate to My Settings > Personal > Personal Information and scroll down to the Downloads section to obtain a copy of your personal information and content that you have submitted to the community


Q: Where can I delete my community account?

A: Closing your community account will remove your personal information found in My Settings > Personal > Personal Information, in addition to badges, Alteryx Academy progress, and support cases created via the support portal, from community systems and associate your authored content and engagement (posts, stars, and accepted solutions) with an anonymous user account. Your community username will also be deleted from the system and become available to be used by another user.


Account deletion is permanent. If you wish to re-join the community, you will need to sign up again.


To delete your account, navigate to My Settings > Personal > Close Account and follow the instructions.