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With our short, effective, relevant, and interactive lessons that include videos, activities, and quizzes, you'll be up and running in no time!
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With our short, effective, relevant, and interactive lessons that include videos, activities, and quizzes, you'll be up and running in no time!
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Understanding Data Types

Sr. Learning Strategy Manager
Sr. Learning Strategy Manager


Lesson Objective: One of the trickiest parts of getting started in Designer is understanding what data types are and what they mean for you. In this lesson, you will learn about broad categories of data types, why they're important to your data, and how they can change your experience with the Designer

Estimated Time: ~9 Minutes


  • Overview the 5 main datatypes
  • Learn the difference between strings and numbers
  • Deep-dive into each of the five main data types
  • Garner knowledge of basic recommended data types
  • Quiz yourself on what you've learned

Recommended Follow-Up Training: Inputting Data into Your Workflow

Software Version: 2018.4


It's only a small point, but 2,147,483,646 is 2.1 billion, not 2.1 trillion as indicated in the narration for this video…

Alteryx Partner

I think these lessons are a valuable addition to the Alteryx portfolio of user education tools. Alteryx is all about making users more productive and these lessons accelerate users up the learning curve. I would strongly encourage the production of more content in this format to address more advanced topics.


However when working through the various lessons I have noticed that production values could be improved for a more satisfying user learning experience by making the following small improvements:


  • Adjust sound volume levels so that they are standard across all lessons.
  • Align the progress bars at the bottom to match the duration of the presentation and eliminate the "dead air"  where the progress bar advances but no additional content is provided.


An additional "nice to have" would be an option for custom feedback in the form of crib notes to the learner for the material covered, in particular for material related to the "wrong" answers to each quiz. 


Another way to improve education for beginners would be to provide one or two simple "take away" problems with suggested solutions,  where the exercises are aligned to a specific lesson. This would help bridge new users to participation in the Weekly Challenges. 




Where is the attachment? I am setting up live training for my team and would like to have them available.


Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



This particular lesson does not have any attachments. The lesson takes place in the video.


I think there is some problem here; this video doesn't play.


This lesson is really amazing. Without any CS knowledge, I have had hard time understanding different data type, and this video explain everything so clear and easy to understand!



if it is supposed to be in Alphabetical order, why is Dot is before Bob? 


Does the Filter Icon work just like the Excel "IF"?


In Excel, the syntax for "IF" is:


=IF([condition], [do if TRUE], [do if FALSE]).




I'm studing for certification. Thanks for all that great videos!


No audio


There are many videos without audio


no audio

Alteryx Partner

In a database world, Zip Code and Passport ID can still be numeric despite not being aggregated.  

Is there closed captioning available for these? 

Where can I find the work flow / data sets associated with these interactive lessons?


In the Five Data Types lesson, the Boolean video and audio is missing

A clear and succinct intro to data types!


When I play the Date/Time section, there is neither video or sound.


I see it's been mentioned by other users previously, but the Boolean video remains missing. Thank you.


Please ignore my last comment, the video appeared after I refreshed the page.

Is there a way to review or retake the quiz after you passed it? I might be missing something, but I'm not able to select any options and I'm not able to see the correct answers.


Hi Daniel,


Unfortunately, after you take the exam, there is no way to go back to review the answers on the exam to see which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong. As far as retaking, you can take the exam at no cost for up to three times per month.


ts in the current month (if you take three tries), the earliest you can re-take the exam (if needed) at the start of the next calendar month. Still, the exam would be free of charge in the following month, should you have to re-take the exam.


Does this answer your questions?


Best of luck, Daniel!