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Inspire Europe 2018 | Buzz

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Contest - On The Road To Inspire London

ACE Program Specialist
ACE Program Specialist

I can proudly and honestly say that Alteryx allows me to kick ass at work and outside of work by providing and nurturing the best kind of community. I'm surrounded by brilliant colleagues across the globe, and have the opportunity to work with the most brilliant and passionate customers on a daily basis (yes I'm talking about you, ACEs and UG Leaders!). Not only am I equipped with the tools to succeed, I have freedom to dream up and design my visions and turn them into tangible realities. I still remember @DeanS telling us in Bootcamp that no other job would be this demanding or rewarding, and he was 110% right. 


Outside of work, I volunteer with Coastal German Shepherd Rescue in Santa Ana, CA. This non-profit organization shares the same kind of obsessive passion as Alteryx. The volunteers work tirelessly to rescue and prep the dogs for adoption. They will drive hours to pick up a dog (or dogs) in need, and spend their Saturdays at adoption events to potentially place dogs in homes. I've been working with 1 dog in particular for the last 4 months, and it has been nothing short of magical. See Milo run(command) below, and hope you enjoy our Road to Inspire!


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Tuvy Le
Customer Experience

I could not resist making another Road to Inspire Video. My passion for Alteryx is just as strong as ever! In addition to learning new skills, I get to meet knew people who share a similar passion for their work and for their life. Cannot wait for October!!


I could not resist making another Road to Inspire video, I feel just as passionate as ever about learning new skills with Alteryx daily plus meeting new people who share similar passions of learning, life, and data analytics.


Hope you enjoy and I cannot wait for London!! -Tessa Enns


@MarqueeCrew @NicoleJohnson @Nezrin @scolaco @DeepuPaul @Anviksha


I could not resist making another Road to Inspire Video. I am just as passionate, if not more, today, than I was in June 2018 for the Anaheim conference. It is always a thrill learning new skills, growing in data analytics, but also meeting new people in the community who share a similar passion for work, life, and solving problems.


I cannot wait for London, hope you enjoy!

-Tessa Enns



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Another victorious video for @tessaenns. No more tears from me. 


Cheers 🍻 

Alteryx ACE & Top Community Contributor

Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.
Love the video Tessa!! It's hilarious :)

@TuvyL Great Entry! Loved the video.


@tessaenns theme is nicely coming up! Thanks for making us part of your journey!


Great video and edits @tessaenns - Came out so well!! Thanks for making us a part of this :) 



Love your Road to Inspire, @TuvyL and Milo looks so adorable :)

That did seem like a bad fall at the end, hope you are alright!


Thank you @Nezrin! :) :) So happy you were apart of it!!