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Inspire Europe 2018 | Buzz

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Ben Goldacre, award-winning science writer, will keynote Inspire Europe 2018

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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In case you missed the announcement, we are thrilled to have Ben Goldacre join us at Inspire Europe 2018! Ben Goldacre will take the main stage and discuss how the way we tell stories with data can have far reaching impacts. 


Ben Goldacre is an award-winning writer, broadcaster, doctor, academic, and campaigner who specializes in unpacking scientific claims made by ‘scaremongering journalists, government reports, pharmaceutical corporations, PR companies, and quacks.’ He weaves satire and humor into his books and presentations, making him not only an informative speaker, but a fun one as well.


You may have seen his columns in The Guardian or one of his best-selling books, Bad Science and, in 2018, he was also awarded an MBE “For Services to Evidence in Policy.”


Register now to join us at Inspire Europe 2018 in London. Not only will you get the chance to hear from Ben Goldacre on how he spent his career delving into shoddy data claims and altering the way consumers in the world interpret data and claims, but also hear from other icons and leaders in the world of analytics on the benefits self-service data analytics brings to their organizations.