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8 - Asteroid

The race is on for the 2019 MarqueeCart Title! Come join myself and other Alteryx User Group Leaders at the #WEAREALTERYXUSERGROUPS session. Teams will gear up to race to the finish line by solving a weekly challenge!


This will be an exciting and interactive session that will have you going from 0-60 seconds to solve the challenge! Let the best team win and with that comes schwag schwag schwag!


You will not want to miss this so make sure to add to your Inspire Agenda! After the winner does a victory donut, your very own Alteryx User Group Leaders will share the benefits of joining and leading an Alteryx User Group, what inspires us to bring the Alteryx community together, and networking.


Wednesday, June 12th 11:15am - 12:00pm (45 Min) | Bayou E


Race Car Finish Line.jpg