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Share Your Grand Prix Experiences with Us!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Calling all Grand Prix racers, past and present, we want to hear from you! It’s about that time of the year again when the most thrilling 60-minute competition in software takes place! You read that right, the 2022 Alteryx Grand Prix is approaching and if you have not already be sure to sign up to compete and show of your workflow building skills.  In the spirit of the upcoming race, we want to know about your past experiences competing!


Tell us everything (without giving away too many of your secrets). We would love to hear about your experience at past Grand Prix events. What do you think has been your competitive advantage? What do you do to prepare? What is the most thrilling part of the competition for you? What has been your experience competing and what do you look most forward to? We want to hear it all! Please feel free to leave a comment or video in this thread about your experiences competing in past years Grand Prix.


And if you have not already, make sure you are registered to attend Inspire 2022. For more information and to register click here.


While i was never brave enough to race when I was a customer...I can talk about a tip I learned watching @CameronSteele and Justin Tischler (long-time friends) race against each other in the grueling 3-hour Grand Prix of the past. I believe it was on the 10th lap when the leaderboard did a complete 180 all because of a mistyped password. That tip: CHECK FOR TYPOS!

Cailin Swingle
Customer Success & Services
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

One of my favorite Grand Prix moments was when @LordNeilLord won it all at Inspire London, 2019! I was able to sit down with him afterwards at the Alteryx London office to record an episode of Alter Everything where he shared everything from how he prepared, what he listened to while competing, and what went through his head when he officially won.


Jump forward to 18:35 and 29:15 to hear actual sound bites from the Grand Prix!