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Inspired 2 connect on Connect @ INSPIRE!?

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Seriously. I've been wracking my brain to try and figure out a way to get all Connect users together or at least similar orbits. Is there a Connect Pin available for those who have implemented? I feel like there's so few of us it could only benefit us to know who this population is made up of.


I was thinking that I'll be bring a classic Connect 4 game to have at a table for meals. Easily identifiable & a great ice breaker - if you are using Alteryx Connect at your company and you see the Connect 4 game set up at a table - come by for a game and discuss strategy on how you have approached your implementation. 




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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

What a great idea @No-Sass!  I look forward to hearing what you learn from other Alteryx Connect users at Inspire!

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I wish I'd seen this sooner. I'd love to connect on Connect. Maybe there's a way to set up a Connect group right here within the Alteryx Community? Will explore.

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I wish I've seen this sooner. Im open to a monthly call knowledge share on Connect implementation and adoption plan. Anyone? 

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This is what I'm talking about! 

Absolutely feel that the Connect user community could use a monthly knowledge share/check in with each other to assist with being as successful as possible with all of our deployments. 


I've reached out to the user group crew to see about establishing an online group and get it properly up and running. 


Would love to have interested people respond here and we can start to build momentum for it. 


Connect is a fantastic tool w/ great potential to easily integrate into our individual data communities, build out data dictionaries, create solid data catalogs & deliver on lineage understanding to those who request it. We just need to pull the users together and make sure we are all successful in our endeavors.