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Inspire on Tour 2019 | Share your Pics!

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Photo credit: Martens Photo Gallery, Australia 2014Photo credit: Martens Photo Gallery, Australia 2014

The inaugural Inspire On Tour conference in Sydney wrapped up a few weeks ago, and we'd love to see some photo's from the event!  If you attended and have pics to share, please do so by replying to this thread!



20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Here are some of mine to share ...


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13 - Pulsar

Hmm, mine are more around Tim Tam Slams @TuvyL  @KatieH 


Grand Prix in full flightGrand Prix in full flightGetting ready for the Grand PrixGetting ready for the Grand PrixTim Tam Slam tutorialTim Tam Slam tutorialIs that guy leaning on Dean's head ?Is that guy leaning on Dean's head ?

11 - Bolide

Here are my pictures! Enjoy 8-)IMG_3746.JPGIMG_3748.JPGIMG_3755.JPGIMG_3766.JPGIMG_3787.JPGIMG_3791.JPGIMG_3794.jpgIMG_3795.JPGIMG_3796.JPGIMG_3799.JPGIMG_3800.JPGIMG_3826.JPGIMG_3828.JPGIMG_3834.jpgIMG_3838.JPGIMG_3839.JPG