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Inspire Dress Code?

11 - Bolide

Is there information online somewhere on the dress code for events at Alteryx Inspire?  I haven't been to one before!  Is there anything we should know about the dress code in general, or for specific events?


It looks like there were specific theme events for prior conferences, but I'm not seeing anything about that this time.  Pictures I'm seeing show a wide variety in attire!    

12 - Quasar

It's not formal; wear what you feel happy in.  I think having shoes that are comfortable for walking and standing are important. Maybe have a light sweater?  The temperatures will range from the lower 80s in the day to upper 50s overnight.

7 - Meteor

From what I've seen of the folks that were at the training sessions today, pretty much anything goes as long as you're comfortable and confident. I saw everything from suits and dress shoes to t-shirts, jeans, and sandals. Come as you are, my friend!