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Inspire 2022 - Community Hub Activity and Badge Information!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hubbagpost.jpgThe wait is over, and the day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived - Inspire 2022 is here!


In the spirit of Inspire we are giving you an opportunity to receive a community badge (for both in-person and virtual attendees) and a tote bag at the Community Hub (in-person only) here at Inspire. But you can't just show up and expect to claim it!


We want to hear from you - What has been your favorite part of Inspire so far, and what are you most looking most forward to? This can be a session, an event, or just some general tidbit that you've missed from seeing people face to face. We just want to know what makes Inspire so special to you personally - after all, it's all of the people here that make everything really work at a conference like this.


I can personally say that my favorite thing has been seeing everyone in person after such a long time! Putting faces to the names in the community is such a cool experience - and some of you are way taller than I expected.


To receive a Alteryx Community tote bag, stop by any of the booths in the Community Hub (Alteryx Community, User Groups, ACE, or Podcast) and show us your post in this thread. We cannot wait to meet you!


Don't worry though, this thread isn't the only way to get a digital badge at Inspire.  All attendees will receive an Attendee badge, speakers will get a Speaker badge, and there's even a great "SparkED @ Inspire" badge, so be sure to stop by their booth in the Expo Hall as well!

Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
7 - Meteor

That's my fourth time here and the first time that I'm speaker and I'm pretry excited about it! 

5 - Atom

Getting to hear other case studies and interesting uses of Alteryx Designer!

13 - Pulsar

Having so much fun here at Inspire 2022!!! If you are reading this, join my presentation at 4:45 on Thursday. Going Above the Mile High City with PDF Skills!!

5 - Atom

Loved hearing about the version control updates coming out in the newest version of Alteryx!

8 - Asteroid

I love the community that is responsive, friendly and so much infinitely smarter than me!! I feel

comfortable asking questions and sharing my experiences

5 - Atom

I have really enjoyed Inspire 2022! The best part has been the break out sessions - I can take away tangible solutions to take back with me in my work!

5 - Atom

I’ve enjoyed networking with others and learning more in the breakout rooms!

5 - Atom

The Automating Analytics was a great session to learn more about Trifacta and the coming features.

7 - Meteor

30 tips in 30 minutes, great session, great tips for better optimization and solutions, greetings from Western Union Costa Rica

5 - Atom

Hearing about the newest features and hearing tips and tricks from everyone in the community. I always learn something new and can take back to my team.