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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
We love SWAG. You love SWAG. Seriously, who doesn't love SWAG?
I don't want to brag, but in my humble (biased) opinion, the Community hub at Inspire is always stocked with fun SWAG items for you to take home and show off to your coworkers and families. Who needs department stores when you have the Alteryx Community hub at Inspire?
#LearnLocal ceramic mugs#LearnLocal ceramic mugs

Cosmo loves his pet bandana!Cosmo loves his pet bandana!

Lets hear it for @NeilR on the keys!Lets hear it for @NeilR on the keys!

Way cooler than a brown paper bag.Way cooler than a brown paper bag.




We take great care in designing unique and exciting items to fill your suitcases so you can daydream and countdown the days until the next Inspire. In 2019, we want to up our SWAG game, and would love to capture some new/fresh ideas from our Community. What kind of SWAG do you hope to see at Inspire 2019? Comment below to share your ideas!
Special shout out to @Nick612Haylund, dog photographer extraordinaire, for spotlighting Cosmo on #AlteryxPetz on Twitter!
8 - Asteroid

Wow Alteryx the amount of free swag was out of this world!  Thanks for your generosity.  Love it all.

5 - Atom
Hey Alteryx,

I got an swag from inspire 2019 and unfortunately not sure how to use it. Anyone up for help ?
12 - Quasar

I got the same, I think it's a wireless charger, but it doesn't seem to work.  

8 - Asteroid
What does the back look like?