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2019 Inspire - The comedown

8 - Asteroid

I'm finding(as I come back down to earth), the week is coming into focus again and I can look back with clarity. It would be great to have an "after the fact" survey (not tied to getting an[awesome] shirt)...


So I've made a short list and thought we could use this thread as a debrief feedback for items that may not have made it onto the official survey.

- Include survey in the app

- Include feedback in the app (for the app)

- Badges should have product identifier for users  and/or certification levels (ie: Server & Core or Connect/Promote & Advanced) 

- ALTERNATION was best yet.

- App was great improvement over last year. Keep it up. 

- I went into the Registration on Friday and saw that a number of items were added during the week that I missed. Is there a way to connect/alert to when registration changes are made and the user? Perhaps in the app?

- "Missed Connections" - (ie: Two guys in the audience from 'x' session had a really great comment and couldn't find you after...)


What say you? What after the fact items popped into your mind about the conference?

Can't wait for NOLA!!!